What is this site?

This site is for quick music reviews. Each review will follow this format:

Album Title

Recommendation: One of three “scores” will be given at the beginning for people who may want to listen to the album without preconceived ideas, but aren’t sure if it will be worth the time. A proper score will be given at the end.

  • Must Listen – the album has such a unique appeal that it will appeal to people who aren’t even fans of the genre, or the album is of such current cultural significance that everyone should at least hear it to decide if they like it
  • Recommend if you like _____ – meaning you should probably check the album out if you like whatever fills that blank.
  • For fans only – Because if you’re a fan of an artist, there’s always a chance you’ll like anything they put out.

Expectation: A brief paragraph giving relevant background on the album/artist.

Song-by Song Breakdown: This sounds pretty in depth, but in the interest of keeping these concise I will only write 1-2 sentences per song, in list format.

Overall: A brief paragraph on the general impression the album gives and how I feel about it.

Score: As this is doubtlessly the part most people who read this will skip to in order to decide if my opinions are valid or not, I want to add a disclaimer here: I rate albums based on enjoyment. I consider myself to have broad musical taste, but not everything is for me. I will assign a score of 1-10, with 1 being unlistenable and 10 being a masterpiece. I will probably never give anything below a 3, because anything that bad isn’t something I want to listen to repeatedly to write a review. The scores I will generally give will be:

  • 3: Very disappointing. The only reason I would review a 3 is if I expected it to be at least a 5, so it can probably be summed up as just a disappointment.
  • 4: Flawed, but okay. Some decent songs but a few bumps along the road.
  • 5: Average. Usually goes to albums that didn’t have any glaring flaws, but didn’t really impress me either. Sometimes goes to 6’s that have a few really bad tracks.
  • 6: Better than average. Meaning more high points than a 5, but more lows than a 7.
  • 7: Really good. An album that really sticks out among other releases; very few or no weak tracks.
  • 8: Great. Goes to albums I know I will listen to regularly in coming months.
  • 9: Exceptional. Probably one of the best albums of the year, and an album to remember for years afterwards.
  • 10: Masterpiece. An album of such quality that one is only produced every few years. Either flawless or so mind-blowingly good that any gripes seem inconsequential.