Recommend if you like: Joni Mitchell, Feist, Belle & Sebastian

Expectation: Dodie Clark (stage name dodie) is a singer-songwriter who came to fame on the internet through her YouTube channel. Her music typically focuses on youth and romance, and many of her songs are centered around her ukulele, though she often employs a diverse range of backing instrumentation. You  is her sophomore EP, following 2016’s Intertwined.


  • In The Middle – A fun little indie rock track showing off dodie’s characteristic quirk while remaining short and sweet.
  • 6/10 – The project’s lead single, a melancholy ode to insecurity. The arrangement is heartfelt and the backing harmonies are a welcome touch, but dodie’s crystal clear voice carries the track.
  • Instrumental – Nothing that special, but very pretty.
  • You – An adorable ukulele-centric song tinged with influences from vocal jazz. dodie’s lyrics lay out a simple but moving story of an unfortunate crush that perfectly suits the song’s bittersweet, sappy tone.
  • Secret For the Mad – Like harmonies? Like songs about overcoming depression? Then go listen to this song.
  • Would You Be So Kind – After four straight tracks of melancholy, its nice to get an endearingly straightforward love song. The melody and ukulele part feel overdone, but the song comes and goes before it has a chance to get old.

Overall: Another solid EP from dodie. While not as exciting as the twists and turns of Intertwined, dodie seems to be focusing in on her sound and subject matter, and I think she could potentially put out something pretty special one day.” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Listen on Spotify