For fans only.

Expectation: Ugly God is the stage name of Houston rapper Royce Rodriguez. Ugly God is known for his comedic persona and lyrics, frequently causing him to be labelled a “meme rapper”. This title is not inaccurate.


  •  Welcome To The Booty Tape – The reaction clip was a nice touch, and Ugly God actually has a nice flow here.
  • Stop Smoking Black & Milds – Kinda funny, but gets old right away.
  • I’m a Nasty Hoe – Not funny, not good.
  • I’m Tryna Fuck – Could have been a funny idea, but  the song ends without building on the central joke at all.
  • Fuck Ugly God – Not sure how this hadn’t been done, but its funny as hell here.
  • No Lies – Was this on the album? Can’t seem to remember anything about it…
  • Bitch! – The hook is so dumb that its catchy, which seems to be a recurring theme for Ugly God.
  • L.D.C. – I let the high voice slide once because at least it was different, but Ugly God does not need to make that a recurring part of his sound.
  • Like a Maverick – Actually not bad. Just your typical laid back triplet flows and cloudy trap beat, but not bad.
  • Water – Still pretty funny.

Overall: Ugly God has always been a meme with potential. “Water” was dumb, but it was also catchy, and crafted a distinct personality that was genuinely funny. He hasn’t honed his craft yet, but I’m choosing to remain hopeful that the young rapper has a few good jokes left to make.

Score: 4/10