Recommend if you like: The Avalanches, Daft Punk, Mura Masa

Expectation: Yung Bae is a future funk producer known for his distinctively sunny style of beats, as well as his hilarious name. His music is composed of remixed and modified samples of funk, disco, and soul music.


  • It’s a Party! –  Money! Wooo! Gonna looose your minnnd!
  • Suede – A bit more chill, still very groovy.
  • Magic – Not bad, but not memorable.
  • I Know – Heavenly vocals in a sharply focused, joyous beat.
  • This Is It – Another nice melody, but there’s a lot crammed into a little bit of space timing wise that can make it a bit abrasive comparatively.
  • She’s a Happy Face in a Crowded Place – A top notch disco house track built from spacious, smooth samples.
  • I Can Tell – The sound is dreamier, but the elements don’t mesh quite as well.
  • Sunshine – Starts off lackluster, but the progression throughout the song is pretty nice.
  • Celebration – Nice, but nothing that you won’t find in the more memorable tracks as well.
  • Doo Do Dooo – Its such a goofy idea for a song, but its definitely catchy.

Overall: Yung Bae’s music never changes much, but his ultra-happy disco house sound still hasn’t gotten old for me. As long as these melodies continue to be this infectiously happy, I will continue to recommend Yung Bae’s music to any fan of soul, disco, or upbeat electronic.

Score: 6.5/10