For fans only

Expectation: Coldplay is one of the most well-known and successful bands of the new millennium. Throughout their career, they’ve explored piano rock, art rock, and have recently gone into electronic and pop territory. This EP is a companion piece to their 2015 release, A Head Full of Dreams.


  • All I Can Think About Is You – I’ll admit I was skeptical about this EP, but this opening track blew me away. Starting with a mellow vibe reminiscent of their earlier days, this song takes an impeccable turn by delving into a grand finale of loud piano and echoey synths with a relatively unique chord progression. If only the whole EP were as grandiose and inspired as this song…
  • Miracles (Someone Special) – Good production quality, but the lackluster message of “don’t be hard on yourself” and an unwelcome Big Sean verse make this song frustratingly average.
  • A L I E N S – This song is almost great. With a 5/4 time signature and alien-like sound effects, this song succeeds in creating a great vibe, but fails to really do anything interesting with it.
  • Something Just Like This (Tokyo Remix) – A “remix” of the hit Chainsmokers single that featured Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. This is literally just a live version of the song performed by Coldplay, and while they could have added their own spin on the song, they chose to just perform the song as is.
  • Hypnotised – Coldplay really loves their long, drawn-out piano love songs, and while many of them are heartfelt and inspired (e.g. “The Scientist” and “Everglow”), this song feels incredibly forced and emotionless.

Overall: On October 1, 2016, I attended the UGA vs. Tennessee football game. Near the end of the game, Tennessee was up 27-24. UGA had had a pretty disappointing season thus far, so my hopes were low. However, with ten seconds left on the clock, the UGA quarterback threw a Hail Mary across the field, and the team scored a touchdown, putting Georgia ahead at 27-31. At this point, I was ecstatic. I was on top of the world. And, a few seconds later, that high came crashing down when Tennessee did the exact same thing, and Georgia failed to block the pass, costing them the game.

That is what is feels like to listen to this EP as a long-time Coldplay fan.

Having been a fan of Coldplay for nearly five years, it was hard for me to admit that although I enjoyed their music, it lacked more than it had. Over time, however, I’ve been able to settle with this, and I enjoy the occasional song by them that I’d consider “great” (e.g. “Up & Up” or “Midnight”). With this EP, however, Coldplay has nonchalantly released their BEST song in nearly ten years, and just as fantasies of the “golden age of Coldplay” are almost made into reality, we then get more of the bland Coldplay that we’ve grown to accept. It really brings up an interesting question: If the first and best track were not on this EP, would I have liked the EP more? I guess we’ll never know. Thank you, Coldplay, for raising my expectations to unrealistic levels and then disappointing me right after.

Score: 4.5/10