For fans (of Animal Collective) only.

Expectation: Deakin is a on-and-off member of the famed experimental pop band, Animal Collective. Sleep Cycle marks his first solo release.


  • Golden Chords – A soothing acoustic guitar driven track that opens the album, with a few subtle touches in the instrumentation that make the song as a whole sound lovely.
  • Just Am – Deakin explores a vocal-heavy synthpop sound that will be all too familiar to Animal Collective fans, though his take on the sound is more collected and meditative than their most recent output.
  • Footy – Mix Radiohead with Grouplove, then turn everything up as loud as possible and record it all in one take. Oh, and its over 7 minutes long. Your call if this sounds enjoyable.
  • Seed Song – Is this a musical interpretation of breathing or something? As a listener, I just don’t understand what Deakin was trying to convey here; I have no idea what I’m supposed to feel. It just seems like sound, it doesn’t stir anything within me.
  • Good House – There’s at least a direction to this song, though some of the sounds and effects are still excessive and a bit irritating. The song trudges along until just kind of ends, along with the album.

Overall: I just don’t get it. I can tell there’s something here that isn’t connecting with me on a personal level and its undermining my listening experience, but I have no way of helping that. To me, this album just isn’t any good; I enjoyed the first two songs, but in later songs I found myself having to frequently rewind because my attention was completely lost by the long minutes with basically nothing happening. Its not my thing, I don’t get it, I don’t care for it. Its ambitious, but not in a way that feels new, and it doesn’t fulfill those ambitions at all.

Score: 5/10