Recommend if you like: Future, Migos, basically any rapper from Atlanta or using the current Southern-trap sound

Expectation: Following a ludicrously prolific run of projects including the Slime Season trilogy, I’m Up, and Barter 6 (which I felt was Thugger’s best project so far), Young Thug released Jeffery seemingly as a finale to that phase of his career, which was in part necessitated by a massive leak of unfinished tracks last year. Jeffery was also presented as a transition into new styles of music; the time of the Jeffery‘s release was filled with rumors of a name change and potential overall transition in public persona for Young Thug, and while all of these rumors were shown to be nothing more, the music is certainly a departure from his previous work.


  • Wyclef Jean – Opening with a reggae guitar rhythm and familiar adlib, Thug’s singing is crooning warble that makes it clear that the lyrics are irrelevant. The backing vocals on the hook are a great touch, as are the echoes throughout Thugger’s verses.
  • Floyd Mayweather – Feels low-key in comparison with the raw energy present on other tracks, but still pretty good.
  • Swizz Beats – Pretty decent track, with consistent energy from Thug.
  • Future Swag – Literally Young Thug doing his version of a Future song, but he’s pretty good at it, so it works.
  • RiRi – Besides sounding like a seal on the hook, Thugger’s performance is just too much fun to deny.
  • Guwop – Another cypher cut, but with a better hook than ‘Floyd Mayweather’ and a slight edge in quality of features.
  • Harambe – 100% cashing in on the meme, but Thug’s vocals are so wild that it almost seems appropriate in a way, as he shouts and screams his raps for the majority of the track. An immediate classic for workout playlists everywhere.
  • Webbie – Thug’s sung bridge is one of the best moments on the entire project, and the transition to an almost spoken-word delivery is fluid enough to make you think for a moment that Thug is getting lyrical. Duke’s feature is decent, too.
  • Pop Man / Kanye West / Elton John – A song of many names, but one of the best tracks on the project. Wyclef Jean fits perfectly on the Caribbean-inspired beat, and the hook is endlessly catchy.
  • Pick Up the Phone – If this were an official track, it would be the best on the album. The chemistry between Young Thug and Travis Scott is insane, as the duo’s differing styles compliment each other perfectly. The Caribbean vibes are heavy in the instrumental, and the entire song just feels airtight in its pacing.

Overall: Again, I’m way behind on this review, but the end of the year is fast approaching and I need reviews to be able to make a list. Anyways, this is my second favorite solo-release from Thug so far, just barely behind Barter 6 due to how short this project is, despite being Young Thug’s most consistent project yet. The track’s are diverse but consistently high-energy and catchy, and Young Thug continues to push the boundaries of vocal delivery in hip hop with a steady stream of singing, shouting, yelping, and more. If you are open to trap music in the slightest, or even just interested in hearing something different from the norm, then this project is worth your time.

Score: 7/10