Expectation: Chicago rapper and SAVEMONEY affiliate Towkio gained significant recognition with last year’s .Wav Theory mixtape, which showcased his ability to mix Chicago’s soulful hip hop with a smoother, almost R&B sound. This new project is a sequel to his 2012 collaboration with producer Mojek, though this time production was provided by Smoko Ono, Knox Fortune, and GARREN.


  • Intro (My Calling) – The energy on this track is insane. The beat is weird and almost grating in how relentlessly it forces the intensity higher and higher, practically sounding like a Watch the Throne beat on speed. Luckily, Towkio handles it like a pro, so it works as a hype opener.
  • Therapeutic – Much darker than most of .Wav Theory. Not bad, but I prefer upbeat Towkio’s lively energy to his Travis Scott impression.
  • Playin Fair – Towkio and Purp have great chemistry, and both of them absolutely kill the beat. An outstanding track for a workout playlist.
  • G W M – Possibly the laziest song on the entire project. Every verse feels half-assed, and the hook… c’mon guys, I know that you can both sing better than this.
  • Tear Drop – Something about this beat just feels half-finished. Most of the time the beat is centered around these flat, grating, pitch shifted vocals a la Control, then the last 2 bars of every 8 are just gorgeous. Towkio sounds fine, I guess, but the beat is flat-out distracting.
  • Feel Me Doe – Weak first verse, weak hook, promising second verse!…. and then it just ends.

Overall: I’m all for artists making the music they want to make, but does it have to be like this? I’m somewhat biased, as .Wav Theory was arguably my favorite mixtape of 2015, but I’m just not a fan of Towkio’s sound on this project. Its far better than the first Community Service, but it still feels like a regression for him artistically. The entire project just feels rushed; its all energy with no substance. Towkio gives it his all on his performances, but the lyrics are inconsistent at best and the beats feel completely unpolished. Despite this, the project has a certain degree of appeal; the core ideas are often solid, and the first few tracks have some genuinely great moments. Hopefully, this project was simply meant to tide fans over until Towkio can put together a more complete project.

Score: 4.5/10