Recommend if you like: Little Brother, Lauryn Hill, MC Lyte

Expectation: Critically acclaimed female MC Rapsody’s ninth project, following 2014’s Beauty and the Beast EP. Despite being called an EP, this project, like its predecessor, is long enough that most artists would simply label it an album; evidently, Rapsody has a different standard, as her sole “album” is 70 minutes long. So for her, 40 minutes is definitely an EP.


  • Crown – Fantastic beat, I especially love the vocal sample and the crisp sound of the drums. Rapsody kills it, of course.
  • Gonna Miss You – +1 to the stuff I said about ‘Crown’. Great beat, great verses, great sample.
  • Tina Turner – Really nice jazz sample on this track; I wasn’t a fan of the beat switch, but Rapsody stepped up her game to compensate.
  • #Goals – Something about this track sounds extremely Chicago. It would have been right at home on Saba or Mick Jenkins’s latest project.
  • Mad – I’m always a sucker for when an MC just hops onto a big song and makes it their own. Not as good as the original, but still really good.
  • Take It Slow – An realistic, though somewhat cutesy, depiction of a new relationship. Rapsody is a solid storyteller, so it works pretty well.
  • 2 AM – One of the most impressive tracks lyrically, but the distortion on the vocals after the beat switch is awful.
  • OooWee – A pretty good song, but the most impressive thing about it is that it sounds like a Rapsody song despite Anderson Paak’s consistent ability to hijack every song he appears on.

Overall: Not as good as her Beauty and the Beast EP, but still pretty good. Rapsody checks all the boxes for an MC being great in the traditional sense: her flow is smooth and confident, her voice is distinct (although very similar to Ms. Lauryn Hill at times), and her lyrical content is excellent. The production is mostly in the style of New York boom bap, but utilizes soulful samples similar to other North Carolina artists such as 9th Wonder and J Cole. If you can enjoy traditional hip hop, you will appreciate this project.

Score: 5.5/10