Recommend if you like: Dance music and you’re not ashamed of it. This applies to any dance music, so if you’ve ever once struck a pose to “Boogie Wonderland”, than this album is worth your time.

Expectation: The third album from indie synthpop duo, Chairlift. Following a positive reception to their prior two efforts, Moth was one of the first major releases of 2016.


  • Look Up – Punctuated with the ever-popular “Ha!” adlibs that I will forever associate with The Lumineers, but an interesting opener nonetheless. The sort of track that you never listen to on its own, but appreciate on the album.
  • Polymorphing – Ultra catchy, mixing funky guitars and chopped vocals to mix old and new dance music in a way that feels incredibly natural.
  • Romeo – Not a fan of the chorus here, Polachek’s vocals just don’t fit this kind of melody.
  • Ch-Ching – The closest thing to contemporary pop on the album, but well done. I especially enjoy the whistling and the saxophones.
  • Crying In Public – A cute ballad, made better by the return of funk flourishes in the instrumentation, this time in the form of occasional slapped bass.
  • Ottawa to Osaka- Though the slower tempo and different instrumentation are an interesting change of pace, the song overstays its welcome without adding much to the album.
  • Moth to the Flame – How was this not a single? Polymorphing may have been a bit too alternative (despite being insanely catchy), but there is no reason this song shouldn’t have been on the radio. This track makes four-on-the-floor sound so good.
  • Show U Off – The melody is perfect for Polachek, the simple guitar riff fills out the space between synth hits beautifully; just a solid dance track.
  • Unfinished Business – Meh. Its not bad, just forgettable.

Overall: In many respects, this album strikes an excellent middle-ground; the instrumentation is diverse but consistent, the hooks are immediately catchy but don’t get old too quickly. Its just a solid synthpop album with a few great dance songs spread across the tracklist, ready to be plucked out and dropped into playlists. The slower tracks are less appealing without the infectious energy of their catchier counterparts, but are decent in their own right.

Score: 5.5/10