Recommend if you like: Atlanta hip hop that isn’t Lil Yachty.

Expectation: 2 Chainz is an Atlanta rapper formerly known as Titi Boi of Playaz Circle. Mr. Chainz has released numerous albums and mixtapes since 2007, though his peak popularity came in 2012 when his solo album produced multiple successful singles, including “Birthday Song”. 2016 has seen an unprecedented quantity of music from 2 Chainz, as this project marks his 3rd mixtape of the year, in addition to a collab album with Lil Wayne.


  • Diamonds Talkin Back – Legitimately sounds like a parody of trap. I’m not sure if its stupid or brilliant; at first I was ready to bash this song, but now I love it, in a strange way.
  • Good Drank – Gucci showing a bit more technical ability than usual, emphasized by the contrast with Titi’s extremely simple opening verse. Quavo is pretty nice too, though the auto tuned humming ad libs are a bit much.
  • Day Party – Although 2 Chainz demonstrated an ability to write more dense rhyme schemes as well as use the ubiquitous triplet flow, my favorite parts of this track is when he goes back to raps without even a beat underneath him. The part of the beat without the drums is a lot of fun too.
  • Doors Open – I have rarely felt so antagonistic towards a feature as when Future enters on this track. His hook is a sudden departure from the mood of the rest of the project and even the song its on.
  • Here We Go Again – My favorite track on the project,with an appropriately weird beat and stupidly simple but catchy hook.

Overall: There is something about 2 Chainz that is just fun. Not fun like how Lil Yachty is fun; Yachty is like a 10 pound bag of Skittles, while this project is more like beef jerky. Sure its tough and dry and obviously inferior to any other way you can eat beef, but there’s a certain appeal to it that makes you like it anyways. 2 Chainz has that appeal; he sounds so relaxed on a beat that judging him as a lyricist almost feels like a waste of time. The guy wrote some raps and he lets people listen to them. Some of his lines are really funny. While it isn’t for everyone, is extremely short, and probably doesn’t fit anyone’s  standard of “good”, I nevertheless like this project.

Score: 4.5/10