Recommend if you like: Neon Indian, Arcade Fire, pop artists’ b-sides

Expectation: Indie rock/dance pop band Starfucker’s 5th album. Keeping true to the band’s core identity (being a condensed mass of contradictions), the album is catchier and more danceable than a typical rock band, but less polished than usual dance music.


I honestly don’t know that there’s a single noteworthy track here. Every song sounds so similar rhythmically and melodically that the differentiating guitar and synth riffs seem inconsequential. Which songs you like more than others will certainly vary by listener, if one can even make a choice.

Overall: Despite being incredibly homogenous, the album isn’t bad. Every song is built around a 4-on-the-floor drum beat at or around 120 bpm with a Tame Impala-esque vocal melody. What happens from there defines the song; the synths and guitars provide the actual flavor of each track, though still adhering to an overall aesthetic. The album generally sounds like it was tailor-made for people who think themselves “above” pop/dance music but secretly love the sound of a steady kick drum. Dance music made for rock listeners.

Score: 4.5/10