Recommend if you like: Big Sean, Logic, playing beer pong with water in the cups

Expectation: The fourth installment of Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill’s signature Dreamchasers mixtapes; expecting more shouted bars over intense beats.


  • On the Regular – I’m sure this isn’t the first time someone has sampled O Fortuna for a beat, but I’m glad that I’ve finally heard it for myself. Pretty good beat, too.
  • Way Up – Maaaaybe should have come up with an actual hook.
  • Two Wrongs – Pusha T does what I’d been praying for Meek to do the entire tape and slows down his flow. Patience is a virtue, and shouted triplet flows start to get really old after a while.
  • Tony Story 3 – Meek Mill takes a break from flexing on the mic to tell a story, and he does it pretty well. Even changes his voice a bit. Good song.
  • Outro – Meek does the same thing he’s been doing the whole tape, just much better. Beat is awesome too.

Overall: This is the kind of project that is almost better to listen to in pieces. Meek has great flow and delivers bar after bar after bar throughout the project, but does them all at such a uniform energy level that it becomes hard to pay attention after a while. His style is like the musical version of Bayhem; he makes sure every verse fits his personal definition of a “good verse” by delivering it with a quick flow and high energy, but without any calmer moments his rapping loses a lot of the impact it could have had.

Score: 5/10