Recommended if you like: Hurt Everybody, Noname, Mick Jenkins, chill hip-hop in general.

Expectation: Saba is a 22-year old rapper from Chicago, best known for appearing on the Chance the Rapper tracks “Everybody’s Something” and “Angels”. He has also collaborated with fellow rising stars such as Noname, Hurt Everybody, and Mick Jenkins. Following his 2014 mixtape, ComfortZone, this is Saba’s debut commercial album.


  • In Loving Memory: Quick, intricate flow, similar to Andre 3000 on “Hello”. Solid opener.
  • Stoney: Energetic, trap-influenced flow. Catchy hook and a nice bridge, with surprise sax outro.
  • Church / Liquor Store: Personal favorite track. Eerie, lovely production and Saba and Noname deliver great verses with a strangely catchy hook.

Overall: Fairly solid album, Saba brings decent verses throughout, the features are pretty nice, and the production is very atmospheric. Saba would benefit from changing up his style more to make each track more distinct, and more variance in his flow would help him immensely, as the constant stream of words in the nearly the same cadence becomes  somewhat monotonous over time. A solid project, but not one expect to come back to except for a few tracks.

Score: 5/10